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Always on. Always Monitored.


Less than optimum network performance may be the biggest threat to your company’s productivity. Secure your business with Western Iowa Network’s Network, Server, and Workstation Management.


How it Works


PCs are identified using a network discovery tool, then a lightweight agent is installed on each PC under management. Proactive maintenance tasks are automated and run on a regular basis. The team is alerted if there are PCs that require attention (low disk space, new security patch or missed backup, for example), then they can log in securely and fix the issue.


Proactive Health & Performance Monitoring


One of the leading causes of computer and network outages is unforeseen issues and being reactive. With our management tools, we can monitor computers, servers and network devices for potential issues before they occur. Our technicians receive proactive alerts based on pre-defined thresholds that allow us to mitigate potential outages before they have the chance to affect your productivity.


Patch Management & System Optimization


An unpatched PC can be the target of viruses and malware which can then spread throughout your organization and wreak havoc on employee productivity and security. The service keeps your PCs updated with the latest security and critical operating system patches. In addition, system optimization tasks such as disk defragmentation or cache cleaning are done regularly so the PC’s life is extended while running at peak performance.


Routine maintenance is generally done after hours, so it doesn’t disrupt users during business hours. Desktop management tasks can also be done around the user’s schedule so they stay as productive as possible.


Asset Inventory and License Management

Software applications, license keys and hardware inventory are easily documented and tracked through the asset inventory and license management capabilities. Customized inventory and audit reports are available, upon request.


Secure Remote Control – Attended & Unattended


If issues are identified during maintenance, Western Iowa Networks can remotely access the PC securely without the user being present.