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The Works


100Mbps Fiber Internet

Download AND Upload at 100Mbps

Gigaspire Wi-Fi

• Exceptional Wi-Fi Coverage
• Parental Controls
• Designed to Handle Mutiple Devices

CommandIQ App

Control your Gigaspire with your smart phone from anywhere you have a connection, including Parental Controls, setting up a Guest Network and more.



Digital Expanded TV

210+ channels including HD, local channels & music channels.
Upgrade to Supreme for just $7!

One Set Top Box

Add additional boxes for just $4.99

Whole Home DVR

Search, record, and play programs on multiple TVs.

ManageMyTV App

Turns your smart phone into a remote and allows you to view your channel guide, schedule records and more from anywhere you have a connection!


Watch many of the networks in your channel package on your device from anywhere you have a connection.


Digital Telephone

With unlimited calling features.

Unlimited Long Distance

Cell anywhere in the U.S. and talk as long as you like!

Caller ID on your TV

See who’s calling without even getting off of the couch.




Gigaspire Wi-Fi Included in Speed Tiers Below!

1Gbps/500Mbps: $149.99

500Mbps/500Mbps: $99.99

100Mbps/100Mbps: $69.99


Expanded Package: $115.99

Supreme Package: $122.99


See Channel Lineups Here


Basic Residential Telephone Rate: $31.50

Unlimited LD: $29.95/month

Premier LD: $0.14/min

One Rate: $0.10/min + $4.95/month

Phone service is required in this exchange.


Fiber Internet  

Digital TV

  • Standard Installation: $70.00
  • DVR Service (Includes FREE Whole Home DVR): $9.99
  • HD Digital Box (Includes FREE HD service): $6.99
  • Whole Home DVR: FREE
  • Standard Digital Box: $6.99
  • NFL RedZone: $39.99/yr
  • Cinemax: $15.99
  • Showtime: $10.99
  • STARZ: $17.99
  • HBO: $18.99 (Includes HBO Max)
  • Installation (Prewired): $70.00

Local Telephone

  • Wire Maintenance: $2.00
  • Extra Listing: $0.80
  • Standard Installation (flat fee): $50.00
  • Deposit (if required, flat fee): $50.00
  • Lifeline Monthly Credit: up to $9.20


  • Voicemail Package: $3.95

Cellular Service

  • Please call or stop by one of our locations for current plans.

Calling Features

  • Caller ID: $3.95 Residential
  • Distinctive Ring: $3.95 Residential
  • Anonymous Call Rejection: $2.95 Residential
  • Automatic Redial: $2.95 Residential
  • Call Forward On Busy: $2.95 Residential
  • 3-Way Calling: $2.95 Residential
  • Call ID Blocking: $2.95 Residential
  • Call Waiting: $3.95 Residential
  • Telemarketing Call Screening: $3.95 Residential
  • Continuous Redial: $2.95 Residential
  • Call Forward: $2.95 Residential
  • Call Forward No Answer: $2.95 Residential
  • 30# Speed Calling: $2.95 Residential
  • Remote Call Forward: $2.95 Residential
  • Voicemail: $3.95 Residential