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How to use:

  • When you receive a call, wait until your telephone completes the first ringing signal.
  • The telephone number calling you and the name associated with that number in telephone company records will automatically appear on your display screen.
  • If you choose to answer the call, the name and number will remain on the screen until you or the caller hangs up.



  • Subscription to Calling Name and Number service requires the lease or purchase of a display telephone or an add-on display unit.
  • If the letter “P” or “Private” appears on your display after the first ring, the caller may have blocked the display of their name and number by pressing *67 before placing the call. You can choose whether or not to answer the call.
  • If “unknown name”, “unknown number”, “out of area”, or “0” appears, the caller is in an area that does not support Calling Number services.
  • Available with Caller ID on Call Waiting.