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How to use:

  • Lift the handset and listen for a normal dial tone.
  • If you were already on the phone and ignored a call waiting tone, press and quickly release the switch-hook*.
  • Press *69.


If the line is busy:

  • Hang up. Your phone will keep trying the line for up to 30 minutes.
  • A special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes free. (Some phones ring normally).
  • Lift the handset to automatically place the call.



  • In some areas after you dial *69, a recorded voice will give the phone number of the call you missed and ask if you want to use the Automatic Recall feature. Just follow the voice instructions.
  • Does not work on 800 numbers, 900 numbers, outside the specified service area, or lines where Call Forward and some other call services have been activated.
  • *The switch-hook is the button the handset pushes down when you hang up the phone. Some telephones have a Link or Flash key you can press instead.